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What does it mean to be a father?

I had the benefit of knowing what kind of father Lou would be because he had our three oldest while we dated and eventually married. I felt he embodied all of the qualities I desired our children’s father to possess. Playful as a puppy… Continue Reading “What does it mean to be a father?”

Recover and recoup, Revolutionary Teachers

I feel this summer, more than any other is sacred. Teachers, you understand viscerally what I mean. Every year, we are entrusted with guiding young learners through activities that promote their physical, socio-emotional and intellectual growth. Normally, our responsibilities and duties leave us depleted… Continue Reading “Recover and recoup, Revolutionary Teachers”

Promoting a Positive Path

This morning, our youngest son, graduated from 8th grade. Because of COVID precautions, friends and family were only allowed to watch the livestream. My husband and I took the day off, planned to sign Danny out after the ceremony and have breakfast together. Turns… Continue Reading “Promoting a Positive Path”

Teen Tummy Triumphs

We’ve all seen the meme, “A throwback to when my kid ate whatever I made for dinner without complaining.” Youngest blessing of ours will be 14 this year. How He Ate In the Beginning For three whole weeks, Danny had the best this Mamita… Continue Reading “Teen Tummy Triumphs”

Blending our bonus Bunch

When I married Louis, it was more than a wedding, it was a joining ceremony.  At that moment, the lives of three young children and his were bound to my own. How could I know the challenges and the joys we would experience as… Continue Reading “Blending our bonus Bunch”

Self-Care, not just soaking in sea salts

What really is self-care? I feel you’ll come to recognize what it is NOT first and realize you really need it. Maybe you are experiencing road rage. Or you noticed you are super impatient and are snapping back at your loved ones. You are… Continue Reading “Self-Care, not just soaking in sea salts”