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I never wanted a dog. I had four children, my husband, house and students love and nurture. My hands were full.

Time and time again, I have experienced leaving my husband and youngest son alone means mucho mischief. Nine years ago, Lou called me at work and said to meet him and Danny in Jacksonville. I knew Lou really wanted to get a dog for the family, a Boston Terrier to be exact. When I received the call, I suspected we were about to gain a new member of the family.

Sure enough, we brought Beans Caronna home that day. True confession: Beans did not immediately steal my heart.

I didn’t know much about raising a puppy. I wasn’t crazy about how Beans constantly nipped at me feet.

Beans would growl at me, too.

Honest to goodness, it wasn’t until a few years ago, we purchased our sectional couch, at both ends were recliners, one for me, one for Lou.

After dinner together, we try to watch a sitcom or start a movie with Danny before bed.

I grab my fleece blanket and that serves as Beans’ cue to curl up in the small of my back.

We do this every night.

Beans is my love. I hope I am his.

As I had so much fun creating confections for the Caronna clan I thought, what about pretties for the pooch?

I started simply. When I baked Christmas cookies, I made sure to make a batch for Beans and Charlie (our daughter’s miniature dachshund).

Doggy Christmas Cookies

Valentine’s Day came around and I had some fun.

Valentine Doggy Treats

It’s been a little while since I have made goodies for the doggies. Please stop by often to spot new sweets!

Bacon, Pumpkin Peanut Butter Treats

Super simple snacks for your bow wow

I remember last week sitting in my reclining sectional seat, early in the morning before school with Beans by my side. He was stretched out along the length of my leg, snuggling against me. I felt like I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and simply hold him forever. I knew I had…

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