The Persian poet, Rumi wrote: “There is no salvation for the soul but to fall in love. Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”

I have fallen in love LOTS of times in my life, often secretly hoping to heal the hurts from my past.

I always saw myself as a hopeless romantic, feeling that love should be like the songs we hear and the lovey dovey sitcoms and movies we watch.

On multiple occasions in my life, I attempted forcefully to make a square peg to fit where it was clear a circle belonged.

After one failed marriage under my belt, I wasn’t looking for love or a family when I met Lou.

Nor did he meet the laundry list I constructed of what I thought I wanted in a match.

Still, we began dating.

Three weeks in, I was back to my vigorously persuasive ways to prompt Lou to MARRY ME.

Ay, ay, ay.

As our courtship progressed, I understood clearly how he truly cared for me.

Lou would often spend time with me in Jacksonville and then wake up super early to coach soccer an hour a way. Who would drive in a little putt-putt from Florida to Chicago to attend a wedding after only a few months of dating? Or put up with my pickiness with food and PAY for three lunches while I took all the leftovers home with me?

He certainly did go through those things with me.

What sealed the deal for me was when I explained my sink was clogged. Now, he lived an hour away from me. I came home and found a bottle of Drano and a bouquet of flowers on my door step.

Yup, I was done for.

When we married, our family was formed.

We faced resistance and recognition of being a family from those close to us.

We confronted challenges together. Some of the most painful were based on the browness of my skin.

I felt grateful that we were able to be one when not so far in our country’s distant past miscegenation was the law of the land.

I have felt firsthand rejection of our love.

Warmly, I welcome families to the site, of every configuration. Consider this your haven, full of compassion and caring to continue to cultivate your body, heart and mind.

How did your fantastic family form?

Leave love and a reply!

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