Launching Love, First and Foremost

Please enter, follow my voice as you cross through the threshold of this haven.

I greet you gladly.

Consider crafting community through compassion with me here.  It will be our goodness gathering.

Now is the best time for connection and caring

My greatest hope in creating Mindful Mamita is to provide a place to come together, just as you are.

I am mostly mindful, but, sometimes I am a downright mess.  Ever feel like that?  Let’s lift each other up.  I’ll share my ideas on everything from cooking to causes to inspire your own creativity.

The calling to convene comes from comprehending completely what it is like to live life as a woman, Latina, wife in a mixed marriage and mama bear in a blended family.  My mamí always encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness.  I pray I embody the empathy she engendered in me.  The harshness of the here and now makes my heart hurt.  We can congregate here, a home to heal and advocate for our shared humanity.

My mission is to make meaningful material available

I write posts based on issues that preoccupy me predominantly.

  • Family
  • Body positivity
  • Meditation
  • Food

I invite Inspiration to compose chronicles that will remind you, you are not alone.

Will you meet me on the other side of the doorway?






I am here and I am ready!


Continue the conversation!





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