Self-Care, not just soaking in sea salts

What really is self-care?

I feel you’ll come to recognize what it is NOT first and realize you really need it.

Maybe you are experiencing road rage. Or you noticed you are super impatient and are snapping back at your loved ones. You are exhausted beyond belief.

Also, self-care is unique to the individual. You have to find your OWN definition of what is right and resonates with you.

What I’ve discovered

First: Put your own oxygen mask FIRST. I really struggled with this for years. Depressive episodes, exhaustion and a nervous breakdown all taught me, I cannot pour from an empty cup.

Taking care of myself means:

  • Rising early before my loved ones to meditate, pray and engage in creative endeavors that anchor, soothe and make my soul sing
  • Moving my body in ways that please and support me
  • Meal prepping making magical simple meals that make me say, mmmmmm

Second: Start SLOW.

Lovingly choose progress over perfection.

Waking up early

I started in earnest rising before my family last October 2020. It took me until January to get out of bed between 4:15-4:30.

Then we went on Spring Break.

Our first few days of our week back, I felt discouraged because I struggled to wake up early. I kept trying each day. By Thursday I was awake before 5:00 a.m. and felt glorious. This was a small victory for me that reminded me to be patient with myself. Sometimes rising early is not an option for me. I yield, am forgiving to myself and be the best I can.

Move it, move it

In December of 2020, I purchased 99 Walks and Body Groove to enjoy motion, my way.

I relish walking my campus before school and dancing some mornings before dropping Danny off at the bus stop.

I am not a speedy stroller by any means.

I simply turn on my walking playlist and JAM.

Yes, that’s me, head bobbing, beautiful brown booty shaking as I saunter.

It’s not even a mile around my school, easily it is a few minutes for me most days.

When Danny misses the bus and I have to drive him to school, walking is not available to me before class.

I don’t judge myself or punish myself with extra minutes walking.

This practice is purely for pleasure and gratitude for my miraculous, magnificent body that is a shrine for my shining soul.

If you’d like more ideas on how to incorporate more movement in an inclusive way, take a look at this article.

Munching Mamita

My dear friend, Kim, is a nutritionist and master meal prepper. She bequeathed my with the tools to set myself up for the week by planning purposefully.

Full disclosure: There were WEEKS that I wasn’t in the space to prepare my meals in advance.

Kim lovingly reminded me I would come back to it when I was ready and I did. (Links to meal prep pages).

A couple of things about my meal prep:

  • Only I eat what I prepare- This one to me, is hilarious. My family will not touch what I prepare for myself. Mainly I think it is because what I eat doesn’t appeal to them. My meal prep consists of mostly fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds. Which leads me to my next point…
  • I am not on a diet- I have released the rigors and regret of eating what others have prescribed for me in the means of government dietary guidelines, cuckoo counting calories before consumption, ridiculous reduce. my rolls (body and food) through restriction (link to body positivity post). I am off of that roller coaster for good. I eat to live my best life. Sometimes that’s burgers, other times its Buddha bowls. No more will I demonize food or feel guilty for my choices.
Burger Bros. Pc
Buddha Bowl

Disclaimer: This may not work for you. You must do what Kim advises and “Stay in your lane.” You have to do things YOUR way, not how society and social media dictate. That is difficult, I know, believe me. Consider clicking on this meditation (insert link to I Love Me ) to help you on your way.

Very important to think about is this, and maybe it should be your first step: Reflect on if you need to heal past traumas FIRST with a professional.

No one knows you better than you.

Reverently and courageously, delve within to determine your definition of nurturing yourself.

Be inspired to listen to the song of your soul.

Still need some ideas?

See if any of these suggestions resonate with you:

What is one thing you can do to cherish and care for wonderful you?

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