Teen Tummy Triumphs

We’ve all seen the meme, “A throwback to when my kid ate whatever I made for dinner without complaining.”

Youngest blessing of ours will be 14 this year.

How He Ate In the Beginning

For three whole weeks, Danny had the best this Mamita could offer him and it was so beautiful to bond with him while nursing.

It was necessary, or so I instructed by my physician to stop nursing him so I could take antidepressants to manage postpartum depression.

In him, at the time, I saw an opportunity to keep his nutrition “right”.

Danny was not a member of the clean plate club.

While he went to daycare, I begged his caretakers to heat up lunch for him. When he did not eat a warm meal, his fare featured baby spinach with Italian dressing, fresh strawberries, a pouch of yogurt and a mini cinnamon raisin bagel.

Yes, I was that mom.

Our youngest was showing symptoms of reflux so his pediatrician requested an allergy panel for him.
The results showed borderline allergies to wheat, soy, corn, eggs, and chocolate.

Our family went full tilt gluten-free.

It didn’t stop me from trying to make him homemade treats.

Poor kid, blech!!

Fickle with Food

Turns out I may have been to blame for Danny’s not wanting to eat sandwiches for lunch always feeding him warm food. I had inadvertently imparted my dislike for dishes served cold to Danny. Damn.

He was particular to chicken nuggets, french toast sticks, sometimes arroz con pollo, and then only white rice which caused QUITE a stir for the Puerto Rican side of my family.

Danny would eat what he called “sticky wings” and only the flats, occasionally he would pair the wings with carrots and fries.

I remember buying Jessica Seinfeld’s book to try to sneak in more nutrients into food out of fear he wasn’t getting enough to grow big and strong.

The Tide Begins to Turn

We love to eat in our house. My husband cooks A LOT and I bake.

Danny started watching cooking shows with us like Hell’s Kitchen.

Lou found a weeklong cooking camp in Austin to take Danny. He packed up Danny, Becky and himself in his Honda Fit and huffed it to Texas.

Danny returned from the trip and was very interested in cooking, not so much eating, but he liked to experiment in the kitchen.

Hold On To Hope, Honey

As parents, we worry.

That is par for the course.

What I have learned most with Danny is, he comes into his own when HE is ready.

I watch, wait and listen to him and do my best to meet him where he is.

He shared with me (yes, gratefully, he talks with me) his best friends drink chai tea.

So what do I do?

Look up a recipe to make him chai tea.

Okay, so he HATED the tea. But you know as parents, we are not daunted, we keep trying to discover what our children will relish and offer them opportunities to explore what delights them.

Recently, Danny shared out of nowhere, he wanted to eat a gyros.

I remember my dad eating lamb gyros in Chicago, but I’d never tasted them.

It was a weeknight when Danny told me about the gyros and I felt woefully out of my depth to attempt to make him some. You can take a look here to see what I came up with for him instead.

Believe me, I see you and feel your concern about your cherished child/ren not eating as much as you’d like. I’m no physician, and I’ve taken Danny to see plenty of pediatricians because I was so scared.

Definitely drive to your doctor’s office and seek their professional advice.

Consider taking a deep breath, sigh it out, and be where you are with this.

When you least expect it, your offspring will surprise you.

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