What does it mean to be a father?

I had the benefit of knowing what kind of father Lou would be because he had our three oldest while we dated and eventually married.

I felt he embodied all of the qualities I desired our children’s father to possess.

Playful as a puppy

Lou had unimaginable energy and was often our family’s fifth child.  He was the one throwing the kids in the pool, teaching them to blow bubbles and swim, playing basketball in the driveway and instructing the kids how to escape a half-nelson in the event they were abducted. Lou would get ideas of taking a leisurely bike ride and turning it into trekking 24 miles round trip to Target.  Lyrically, he can parody just about any song to fit the circumstances and have us laughing hysterically.

Time with the tykes

Spending time with our children has been of the utmost importance to Lou. 

The contemptible clashes to rear our children reciprocally and reasonably harmed all of us.

We had to divide the time between us and our kid’s mom. 

Often that meant celebrating holidays and birthdays on a day other than the calendar dictated, but nonetheless it was being together that was essential.  For years, Lou would juggle coaching our children’s sporting activities, running across the soccer field to guide little ones on their plays, on two different teams at staggered start times.

Instructing on important ideals

As a child, Lou was taught by his mom to cook, sew and take care of his siblings and children his family fostered.  The recurring theme in his upbringing was “Family First.” Lou has honorably upheld that value.

As a dad, he wants to ensure his children will be self-sufficient, strong and strive to be the best they can be.

Protector Papa

Lou will do anything to safeguard his family, often putting himself last to make sure everyone’s needs are met.  At times, his sacrifices and stoicism are the stone we break ourselves against.

His heritage and history make him fierce and frank, yet in his way, he has forged a fortress for us with his goodness and love.

The fortitude and fealty he exemplifies is the foundation of our family.

There is no doubt who the kids would turn to for advice and advocacy.

In our children’s lives, Lou has been an unrelenting and inexhaustible presence as protector, provider, playmate, master of mischief, father of fixing EVERYTHING from plans to pigtails.

Today, we celebrate you.

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