Launching Love, First and Foremost

Please enter, follow my voice as you cross through the threshold of this haven.

I greet you gladly.

Consider crafting community through compassion with me here.  It will be our goodness gathering.

Now is the best time for connection and caring

My greatest hope in creating Mindful Mamita is to provide a place to come together, just as you are.

I am mostly mindful, but, sometimes I am a downright mess.  Ever feel like that?  Let’s lift each other up.  I’ll share my ideas on everything from cooking to causes to inspire your own creativity.

The calling to convene comes from comprehending completely what it is like to live life as a woman, Latina, wife in a mixed marriage and mama bear in a blended family.  My mamí always encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness.  I pray I embody the empathy she engendered in me.  The harshness of the here and now makes my heart hurt.  We can congregate here, a home to heal and advocate for our shared humanity.

My mission is to make meaningful material available

I write posts based on issues that preoccupy me predominantly.

  • Family
  • Body positivity
  • Meditation
  • Food

I invite Inspiration to compose chronicles that will remind you, you are not alone.

Will you meet me on the other side of the doorway?






I am here and I am ready!


Continue the conversation!





What does it mean to be a father?

I had the benefit of knowing what kind of father Lou would be because he had our three oldest while we dated and eventually married.

I felt he embodied all of the qualities I desired our children’s father to possess.

Playful as a puppy

Lou had unimaginable energy and was often our family’s fifth child.  He was the one throwing the kids in the pool, teaching them to blow bubbles and swim, playing basketball in the driveway and instructing the kids how to escape a half-nelson in the event they were abducted. Lou would get ideas of taking a leisurely bike ride and turning it into trekking 24 miles round trip to Target.  Lyrically, he can parody just about any song to fit the circumstances and have us laughing hysterically.

Time with the tykes

Spending time with our children has been of the utmost importance to Lou. 

The contemptible clashes to rear our children reciprocally and reasonably harmed all of us.

We had to divide the time between us and our kid’s mom. 

Often that meant celebrating holidays and birthdays on a day other than the calendar dictated, but nonetheless it was being together that was essential.  For years, Lou would juggle coaching our children’s sporting activities, running across the soccer field to guide little ones on their plays, on two different teams at staggered start times.

Instructing on important ideals

As a child, Lou was taught by his mom to cook, sew and take care of his siblings and children his family fostered.  The recurring theme in his upbringing was “Family First.” Lou has honorably upheld that value.

As a dad, he wants to ensure his children will be self-sufficient, strong and strive to be the best they can be.

Protector Papa

Lou will do anything to safeguard his family, often putting himself last to make sure everyone’s needs are met.  At times, his sacrifices and stoicism are the stone we break ourselves against.

His heritage and history make him fierce and frank, yet in his way, he has forged a fortress for us with his goodness and love.

The fortitude and fealty he exemplifies is the foundation of our family.

There is no doubt who the kids would turn to for advice and advocacy.

In our children’s lives, Lou has been an unrelenting and inexhaustible presence as protector, provider, playmate, master of mischief, father of fixing EVERYTHING from plans to pigtails.

Today, we celebrate you.

Recover and recoup, Revolutionary Teachers

Photo credit: www.marina’

I feel this summer, more than any other is sacred.

Teachers, you understand viscerally what I mean.

Every year, we are entrusted with guiding young learners through activities that promote their physical, socio-emotional and intellectual growth.

Normally, our responsibilities and duties leave us depleted daily and we dream about break frequently.

No one could have predicted how leading in the classroom since March 2020 would challenge our teaching hearts, bodies and minds.

Plights in a pandemic

Throngs of teachers departed the profession as each one of us had to answer if we would risk our lives to teach our kids.

Filled with fear, uncertainty and doubt, we persevered with children in the classroom and virtually.

Close colleagues contracted COVID-19 and we were shaken to the core.

Department of Health nurses blew up our phones after school and weekends to complete contract tracing of kids in our classrooms.

Technology was my friend and foe as I lost MULTIPLE classes because I clicked the wrong thing.

Our kids did the very best they could under the circumstances.

They wore their masks and sat in their desks as far apart as possible.

So what happens when a tender freshman breaks down in tears as she attempts to enter the classroom in times of social distancing?

You hold them tightly and let them cry until there are no more tears spilling down her cheeks, even as the remote kids are waiting for the ZOOM meeting to begin and students in class are wondering where you are.

What about you, when you felt raw and wretched?

I pray your administration care for you compassionately as mine did the day they sent me a substitute after I broke down in the middle of class.

A sweet sophomore simply asked me how I was and I couldn’t stop crying. In front of my kids and those at home.

I received a call from the principal’s secretary asking if I needed a sub to cover my class.

I said I was alright and refused to go home.

Still concerned, I received a visit from a good friend and member of the administrative team.

She watched my class while I went to the restroom to splash cold water on my face.

I caught a glimpse of my pained expression in the mirror and knew what I had to do.

I went home.

Don’t teachers get summers off?

Let someone say, “At least you teachers have summers off.”


I would highly recommend non-teacher individuals who make those comments to consider shadowing a teacher for a day.

Reading this article is also enlightening.

I am not even saying VOLUNTEER or become a SUBSTITUTE, just follow us for 6.25 hours to widen your perspective.

Not willing to come down from your perch to give it a try?


Then I respectfully request, you drink a nice “warm glass of shut the {h-e-double hockey sticks} up”.

Didn’t think a Mindful Mamita could cuss?

I do, just ask my husband and children.

Here’s the thing, we are complex creatures with a multitude of characteristics that makes us unique, we are not just one way.

But, I digress.

This myth that teachers are free during the summer is pure fantasy.

Some of us have to complete professional development (sometimes unpaid), work another job to make ends meet or even teach summer school.

Then again, there’s teacher brain, that simply does NOT stop. You are thinking about your school kids, are they safe, did they have enough to eat and think about how to improve your lessons.

What will you do this summer?

Maybe you will squeeze in travel domestically now that restrictions have slackened.

Or you might restore the wreckage that once was your house.

Perhaps you will embrace being the partner, spouse, parent, sibling you don’t get to be during the school year.

Whatever you do teachers, please recognize, respect and revere the relentless role model you are.
Believe that your love and commitment to your school, community and world are honored here.

Promoting a Positive Path

This morning, our youngest son, graduated from 8th grade.

Because of COVID precautions, friends and family were only allowed to watch the livestream.

My husband and I took the day off, planned to sign Danny out after the ceremony and have breakfast together.

Turns out, Danny had other plans.

He wanted to be with his friends.

We yielded, dropped him at car riders and proceeded to the closest Starbucks to grab a coffee and watch the graduation.

I was FINE because of how the school framed the day. They called it a promotion ceremony.

And then a monkey wrench was thrown at my flimsy composure.

What starts to play? “Pomp and Circumstance”.

I was crying unabashedly in my caramel macchiato coffee.

I thought back on this school year for Danny, myself and my students.

I was bewildered, stressed and exhausted.

Who wasn’t as we all managed to maneuver through a global pandemic.

This year, I had to reflect on what was most important for Danny.  

It wasn’t his GPA, or what advanced program he would navigate next year.

I had to reevaluate what was essential in the present moment.

Did he get enough rest?  Was his stomach still hurting?  How was his anxiety?

For me, I learned I will no longer stress him out about keeping certain grades.  

I realize that coming from a teacher and parent that might sound strange.


This year taught me to treasure tranquility above tension and I am enough just as I am.

So I will share with my son and his siblings a simplified suggestion for a new definition of success:

To all those who are beginning a brand new chapter, consider this counsel to contemplate further and try to see their significance within your heart.

  1. Explore what makes you happy- Engage in activities that please and interest you; from culinary experiences, cultural contemplations, outdoor and exercising enterprises, delight yourself and craft a savvy savoir faire that gleams and glows from the glee that is you.
  2.  Be true to yourself-Whatever calling is clear to you, make a plan and follow through.  Do not be dissuaded by negative talk from anyone, especially yourself.
  3. Stay open to prospective relationships-Not every partner you meet is THE ONE.  Enjoy different levels of friendships that can range from casual to intimate.  Keep in focus how the people you invite into your life respect, honor and compliment you.

Most importantly, remember you are wholly loved and supported every step of the way.

Anyone else can’t stop crying????

Super simple snacks for your bow wow

I remember last week sitting in my reclining sectional seat, early in the morning before school with Beans by my side.

He was stretched out along the length of my leg, snuggling against me.

I felt like I wanted to scoop him up in my arms and simply hold him forever.

I knew I had to get ready to go but I made a promise in my heart that I would make him a special treat during the weekend.

Too good to be true!

I try to use whatever I have here at home to present here on the blog. I DETEST going to the grocery store. My husband on the other hand, will go down each aisle, looking around slowly, taking everything in as if it were the first time he’d ever been there. Even though we had shopped two days ago. Ay!

When I went through my Pinterest board for treats to make Beans, I came across this recipe that only required TWO ingredients, 1 cup of flour and 1 4 oz. container of baby food.


Mix the ingredients, bake at 350* for 20-24 minutes and voila! Doggy Delights Done.

I was wildly excited to get started.

I didn’t get to start baking until later in the day.

I’ve learned that my productivity starts out strong early in the day and begins to wane as the sun goes down.

I was most appreciative to have an icing recipe with only THREE ingredients.

Flour and Sweet Potato Baby Food
Wilton Cookie Cutters

Okay, so maybe the dog cookies are not Pinterest pretty, but, Beans was happy and that is all that matters. I will leave painting to the multi-talented artists in my family, Mamí and Mamí Tati.

Imma stick to writing.

What is your go to recipe for your pampered pooch?

Leave love and a reply!

Teen Tummy Triumphs

We’ve all seen the meme, “A throwback to when my kid ate whatever I made for dinner without complaining.”

Youngest blessing of ours will be 14 this year.

How He Ate In the Beginning

For three whole weeks, Danny had the best this Mamita could offer him and it was so beautiful to bond with him while nursing.

It was necessary, or so I instructed by my physician to stop nursing him so I could take antidepressants to manage postpartum depression.

In him, at the time, I saw an opportunity to keep his nutrition “right”.

Danny was not a member of the clean plate club.

While he went to daycare, I begged his caretakers to heat up lunch for him. When he did not eat a warm meal, his fare featured baby spinach with Italian dressing, fresh strawberries, a pouch of yogurt and a mini cinnamon raisin bagel.

Yes, I was that mom.

Our youngest was showing symptoms of reflux so his pediatrician requested an allergy panel for him.
The results showed borderline allergies to wheat, soy, corn, eggs, and chocolate.

Our family went full tilt gluten-free.

It didn’t stop me from trying to make him homemade treats.

Poor kid, blech!!

Fickle with Food

Turns out I may have been to blame for Danny’s not wanting to eat sandwiches for lunch always feeding him warm food. I had inadvertently imparted my dislike for dishes served cold to Danny. Damn.

He was particular to chicken nuggets, french toast sticks, sometimes arroz con pollo, and then only white rice which caused QUITE a stir for the Puerto Rican side of my family.

Danny would eat what he called “sticky wings” and only the flats, occasionally he would pair the wings with carrots and fries.

I remember buying Jessica Seinfeld’s book to try to sneak in more nutrients into food out of fear he wasn’t getting enough to grow big and strong.

The Tide Begins to Turn

We love to eat in our house. My husband cooks A LOT and I bake.

Danny started watching cooking shows with us like Hell’s Kitchen.

Lou found a weeklong cooking camp in Austin to take Danny. He packed up Danny, Becky and himself in his Honda Fit and huffed it to Texas.

Danny returned from the trip and was very interested in cooking, not so much eating, but he liked to experiment in the kitchen.

Hold On To Hope, Honey

As parents, we worry.

That is par for the course.

What I have learned most with Danny is, he comes into his own when HE is ready.

I watch, wait and listen to him and do my best to meet him where he is.

He shared with me (yes, gratefully, he talks with me) his best friends drink chai tea.

So what do I do?

Look up a recipe to make him chai tea.

Okay, so he HATED the tea. But you know as parents, we are not daunted, we keep trying to discover what our children will relish and offer them opportunities to explore what delights them.

Recently, Danny shared out of nowhere, he wanted to eat a gyros.

I remember my dad eating lamb gyros in Chicago, but I’d never tasted them.

It was a weeknight when Danny told me about the gyros and I felt woefully out of my depth to attempt to make him some. You can take a look here to see what I came up with for him instead.

Believe me, I see you and feel your concern about your cherished child/ren not eating as much as you’d like. I’m no physician, and I’ve taken Danny to see plenty of pediatricians because I was so scared.

Definitely drive to your doctor’s office and seek their professional advice.

Consider taking a deep breath, sigh it out, and be where you are with this.

When you least expect it, your offspring will surprise you.

Blending our bonus Bunch

When I married Louis, it was more than a wedding, it was a joining ceremony. 

At that moment, the lives of three young children and his were bound to my own. How could I know the challenges and the joys we would experience as we became a family? 

The poet Kahlil Gibran spoke about love in this way:

“When love beckons to you, follow him,
Though his ways are hard and steep.
And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
And when he speaks to you believe in him…

It is hearing the voice of a loved one saying, “I miss you and love you,” and instantly feeling the warmth of love’s embrace enfold you through the phone.
It is the spirit of a family that would welcome and wow you with their heartfelt hellos, and when you depart, their genuine generosity prevails with you.

For me, love equals family in all of the glorious configurations they embody. I feel when your heart is open to receive, you may find abundance and gifts beyond the biological bloodlines of your brood. 

Challenges in Caregiving

We recently celebrated 15 years of marriage. Our children were 5, 7 and 9 when we wed.

Our kids shuffled back and forth, during the week, rushing to complete homework, make it to sports activities, eat dinner and shower, which is stressful enough but toggling between two very different households. We did our best to lovingly instill good habits in eating, sleeping, hygiene and strong work ethic when they were with us and prayed those patterns would be practiced when they weren’t. No doubt they were confused and struggled under the strain of whom to honor allegiance.

Early on, there was resistance from our kid’s mom to me in a co-parenting role. I personally shudder at the word stepparent. I’ve never liked it, even though, the first word I remember ever reading successfully was ‘stepmother’ in the Little Golden Books version of Cinderella. True story.

I have stepparents. I used my life experience to help guide me in crafting what my own little family would look like. First, the only steps considered in our home would be the ones in the front and back of the house.

Secondly, we are a family, laced together through love, sometimes loudness and loyalty regardless of who does not recognize us as a united unit. Three out of our four children do not resemble me. Yes, I did not birth them. I have tirelessly brandished my love, cheering wildly and embarrassingly on the sidelines of their sports matches, holding them close and singing to them as I moistened their brow with a lavender cloth when they burned with fever and listened as they shared thoughts and feelings only their journals would see. My heart leapt at their victories and accomplishments. I have seethed with anger when they were wronged and have wept when they were not with us. Yes, indeed, they are my kids, too.

We know what it is like to fight long and hard for the right to parent our children as equally as the legal system will allow.  We lived the very real terror of having only $25 left in the joint bank account for the week after all of my teacher’s paycheck went to pay attorney’s fees when we were sued.

We have experienced heartbreak beyond description by the malicious machinations of our kid’s mother and family members with a very myopic view of parenting and life in general. 

I won’t plant the seeds of discord here. I will, chime in the wisdom of Anne Lamott, “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”

Years ago, a friend commented that things would get easier. I didn’t believe it then, but she was right. We live in a small town and encounters with our kids family are inevitable. Still, over time, the interactions have become less in number and acrimony. Our two oldest children are currently moving into the marriage season of their lives. I can’t help but wonder what feelings will arise within us when we are all thrown together in the mix with those who we have such a hurtful history.

Happily ever after?

70% of blended families end in divorce. Honestly, we have come very close to becoming a statistic. We have endured my nervous breakdown and chronic depressive episodes. My husband’s medical scares and recent job loss after 30 years of faithful employment due to COVID rocked us to our core.

There has been much happiness, too. Definitely deliriously delighted when we were blessed with Danny.

Man, have I made mistakes in my relationships with our children and husband. Some I committed repeatedly. I dust myself off, wipe my tears, apologize and try again. I asked my husband, or maybe he asked me, if knowing what we do now, would we still get married? He said, sure.

My answer is yes, a million times, yes.

My highest hope is that my parenting embodies this quote by the Dalai Lama, “Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.”

My deepest desire is my family believe my love is eternal. I pray to be the best version of myself so that they may learn to live their truth. May I be wholly present for them, all ways.

My heart is full of gratitude for every step we haven taken together and the road that still lies ahead. 

I want to spend my lifetime loving you, all of you, my cherished ones.

Tell us about your terrific tribe!

Demystifying Meditation

The harshness of the past few years and experience teaching teens lead me to pursue certifications in Meditation Teaching and Teen Meditation Coach to help heal hearts. My humble desire is to assist in making accessible the benefits of meditation such as self-realization and living authentically to those individuals who are curious about this practice of contemplation and reflection.

What meditation is NOT

  1. Meditation is difficult:  Actually, it can be as simple as breathing!  You can assume a position that is comfortable for you, sitting or laying down, you can even meditate while walking or dancing!
  2. Meditation is emptying your mind:  Meditation is more about becoming aware of the thoughts that come up in our mind and simply observing them, not judging or trying to control them.  In between our thoughts is a space, that space is pure silence.  The more we meditate, the more we can access and feel that gap of pure silence and stillness that allows us to feel at peace.
  3. Meditation takes years to receive benefits from meditation:  Benefits can be felt within the first few times you practice and increase over the long term.  You can begin with as little as 3-5 minutes of meditation.
  4. Meditation is a religious practice:  Many people with religious beliefs practice meditation as do people with no religious affiliation practice meditation, too.  Meditation is a practice that moves us from the busyness of our minds and into a place of stillness and calm.

How your body reacts to meditation

Breathing is key.  The benefits of breathing slowly and calmly decreases the activity of your neurons.  Neurons are nerve cells.  The neurons job in your body is to carry electrical messages from one part of the body to another.  The messages have information about what is happening in your body. By breathing purposefully, we can reduce stress and anxiety.  Our breath signals relaxation, slowing down the heart rate and stimulates the vagus nerve that runs from the brain stem to the belly.  The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system which allows you to start to calm down.  

What meditation can do for you

Your body relaxes, your mind becomes stable, clear and calm.  You feel more free and peaceful.

My path to meditation

A former therapist lead me to Insight Timer. I have been meditating for almost five years. I love and am most grateful on how I reflect on my feelings before I open the app. Divinely, I am lead to what I need in that moment. I make every effort to rise early to engage in meditation, prayers and creative endeavors. Some days the only ritual that is practiced is my meditation. My husband and I came up with my Zen room just for me to read, relax and write. Full disclosure: most mornings, I can be found in the stillness of our house in my reclining Mamita chair listening to guided meditations from Insight Timer.

Ready to get started?

I have crafted meditations for you to explore ranging from body positivity, loving yourself, a rainy day meditation and even one for your favorite student. Short on time? No worries! Most of the meditations I created are less than 10 minutes. In that time, you can present yourself with the gift of quiet, calm and stillness.

Remain righteously round, beautiful one

8 March 2021

“Querida Mayté in 2011,

I am sitting here, 10 years on and there are some things I feel you really need to know.

For so very long, you have felt out of touch and uncomfortable with your body. From a young age, you had no idea how to understand your rounded thighs and curvy hips.  Often, you felt sad and fat.  You somehow won a beauty contest with that big, brown butt.  Still, you’d look in the mirror and for years felt so displeased by the body that carried you around in this pretty amazing life.

Even after you’d been blessed with birthing a beautiful baby boy and people remarked two days after in amazement saying, “You were pregnant?”  You didn’t believe you were beautiful.

Soon after Danny’s birth, postpartum depression symptoms surfaced and medication was necessary for you to manage your life and family.  Oh, hunny.  How those drugs and depression packed on the pounds.  Then you really felt bad.  The things you did to try to lose weight…

Running, Zumba, strength training, Keto, Intermittent fasting, IIFYM and WW to name the ways to whittle down the weight.  None of these methods worked for you.  You met Kim, who listened empathetically and gave you tools to retrain how you looked at food.  You still struggled but you gained some perspective and a powerful ally in Kim and meal prepping.  Still searching for solace, you stumbled upon Intuitive Eating.  This was the anti-diet antidote you needed.  It prescribed following your hunger cues and made you the expert of your body.  Plagued with problems with your stomach, you had to revise what you were reverting to with food.  Slowly, you came to realize what you liked to eat and accepted that while you like dragon bowls, you also love donuts.  You ditched the scale.  On social media, you found a GODDESS who jiggled gloriously in her underwear and your heart was happy.  She became your shero and you started to see yourself in a different light.  You dared to dream.  You’d boldly sneak a peek at yourself in the mirror when you just came out of the shower and smile.  You let your husband plant kisses on your plentiful pouch of a belly and sigh. You found out that you had been misdiagnosed for bipolar depression and stopped taking that medication.  That lifted the veil of fog you had lived under for seven years.  You began to feel more alert while still maintaining your other meds.  You committed to moving your body in ways that pleased you, walking and dancing.  Your intention was to feel alive and grateful for another day, a day to love, create and heal.  You purchased $30 jeans at Maurice’s that fit your smaller waist and bigger bum and felt GLORIOUS!!!! You began to cook for yourself as if you had your own celebrity chef and became delighted with your daily intake of food. If you wanted that iced coffee from Dunkin’, you got it and enjoyed it, no guilt attached.  You stopped looking at how other people lost weight and approached it with Kim’s wisdom by “staying in your own lane.”  You would no longer judge others or yourself for what they were doing with their body.  Instead, you have goals.  Goals to fund your becoming an Intuitive Eating Lay Facilitator to help others on their journey to wholeness.  Meeting Megan Crabbe, okay, you’d probably pass out if you were in her presence, let’s say being in communication with her and joining your voice to her awesome Body Positive Power.  You would muster the courage to tell Megan that you can finally do what she advises, you are truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself.

If you could say anything to yourself 10 years ago, knowing what you know now, what would you say?

Leave love and a reply!

Self-Care, not just soaking in sea salts

What really is self-care?

I feel you’ll come to recognize what it is NOT first and realize you really need it.

Maybe you are experiencing road rage. Or you noticed you are super impatient and are snapping back at your loved ones. You are exhausted beyond belief.

Also, self-care is unique to the individual. You have to find your OWN definition of what is right and resonates with you.

What I’ve discovered

First: Put your own oxygen mask FIRST. I really struggled with this for years. Depressive episodes, exhaustion and a nervous breakdown all taught me, I cannot pour from an empty cup.

Taking care of myself means:

  • Rising early before my loved ones to meditate, pray and engage in creative endeavors that anchor, soothe and make my soul sing
  • Moving my body in ways that please and support me
  • Meal prepping making magical simple meals that make me say, mmmmmm

Second: Start SLOW.

Lovingly choose progress over perfection.

Waking up early

I started in earnest rising before my family last October 2020. It took me until January to get out of bed between 4:15-4:30.

Then we went on Spring Break.

Our first few days of our week back, I felt discouraged because I struggled to wake up early. I kept trying each day. By Thursday I was awake before 5:00 a.m. and felt glorious. This was a small victory for me that reminded me to be patient with myself. Sometimes rising early is not an option for me. I yield, am forgiving to myself and be the best I can.

Move it, move it

In December of 2020, I purchased 99 Walks and Body Groove to enjoy motion, my way.

I relish walking my campus before school and dancing some mornings before dropping Danny off at the bus stop.

I am not a speedy stroller by any means.

I simply turn on my walking playlist and JAM.

Yes, that’s me, head bobbing, beautiful brown booty shaking as I saunter.

It’s not even a mile around my school, easily it is a few minutes for me most days.

When Danny misses the bus and I have to drive him to school, walking is not available to me before class.

I don’t judge myself or punish myself with extra minutes walking.

This practice is purely for pleasure and gratitude for my miraculous, magnificent body that is a shrine for my shining soul.

If you’d like more ideas on how to incorporate more movement in an inclusive way, take a look at this article.

Munching Mamita

My dear friend, Kim, is a nutritionist and master meal prepper. She bequeathed my with the tools to set myself up for the week by planning purposefully.

Full disclosure: There were WEEKS that I wasn’t in the space to prepare my meals in advance.

Kim lovingly reminded me I would come back to it when I was ready and I did. (Links to meal prep pages).

A couple of things about my meal prep:

  • Only I eat what I prepare- This one to me, is hilarious. My family will not touch what I prepare for myself. Mainly I think it is because what I eat doesn’t appeal to them. My meal prep consists of mostly fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds. Which leads me to my next point…
  • I am not on a diet- I have released the rigors and regret of eating what others have prescribed for me in the means of government dietary guidelines, cuckoo counting calories before consumption, ridiculous reduce. my rolls (body and food) through restriction (link to body positivity post). I am off of that roller coaster for good. I eat to live my best life. Sometimes that’s burgers, other times its Buddha bowls. No more will I demonize food or feel guilty for my choices.
Burger Bros. Pc
Buddha Bowl

Disclaimer: This may not work for you. You must do what Kim advises and “Stay in your lane.” You have to do things YOUR way, not how society and social media dictate. That is difficult, I know, believe me. Consider clicking on this meditation (insert link to I Love Me ) to help you on your way.

Very important to think about is this, and maybe it should be your first step: Reflect on if you need to heal past traumas FIRST with a professional.

No one knows you better than you.

Reverently and courageously, delve within to determine your definition of nurturing yourself.

Be inspired to listen to the song of your soul.

Still need some ideas?

See if any of these suggestions resonate with you:

What is one thing you can do to cherish and care for wonderful you?